At Divine Brewing Co. we are committed to improving the sustainability of our production and distribution processes. 


We use one of the most sustainable types of packaging: aluminium cans, which have a higher recycling rate than glass or plastic. As well as being infinitely recyclable, cans are lighter and more efficient to transport, reducing the resources needed to get our beers to you.

Cans also keep our beers super fresh. With no UV light able to penetrate the packaging and better oxygen exclusion, they reach you as good as when they left the brewery.

We still use some glass, for samples, limited edition small batches, and on request from commercial partners where we know they will get recycled, but our preference, and default, is to use cans.


Our shrink-wrap labels are made from plant-based starch, produced from sustainable sources, rather than traditional plastic. This means these labels can be composted with your garden waste at a commercial waste facility. You can’t put it in your own compost heap as the temperatures just don’t get high enough to break it down. You can, however, leave it on the can as the recycling process will burn it away - and being plant based, it won’t release dioxins or heavy metals in the process.


So, you can enjoy our sensational alcohol-free beers knowing we're working to continually improve our approach to sustainability.