Finest Ingredients


The foundation of every beer, malt selection cannot be underestimated. Malts add complexity of flavour and drive the look and feel of the beer. We select quality malt, from Maris Otter, sourced in the UK, to speciality malts from Germany and Belgium, that ensure a divine end product. Only the best malts make the best beer.


Different beer styles call for different hops. From traditional English hops, such as Challenger and First Gold, to subtle Noble hops from Germany and American hops with huge character bursting with flavour. We carefully select the right hops to create a perfect combination for each of our beers.


All yeasts perform differently, adding distinct flavours, aromas and complexities to the beer. Once its intricacies are understood, most breweries use a single yeast to produce a range of beers. Different styles of beer use different yeasts to develop their unique characteristics. At Divine Brewing Co., we select yeasts to suit each style of beer we create.