Divine Brewing Co. was founded in November 2019 with the aim of bringing the taste and quality found in the best alcoholic beers to the low alcohol market. 

At outset we established our four Guiding Principles:

  • Always Produce Premium Products- Quality comes first.
  • Environmental Impact - Be aware of, and try to reduce, impact on the environment. Source locally where possible.
  • Honour Traditional Brewing Processes- Preserve but improve and refine long-established methods
  • Improve Our Community- Enrich lives with real alternatives to alcohol, provide help and education, and support mental health initiatives.

We launched our first beer, Polaris in April 2021 after 18 months of research, testing and planning. With more than 10 years of brewing experience it still took us that long to develop a process that met our third Guiding Principle. 

Breaking down existing brewing processes into various parts, we fine tuned every aspect to give the result that we wanted, putting it all back together we created a refined and highly specific brewing process. We don't cut corners as our end product would suffer.

We knew from the start that we would put all our beers in cans or offer them on draft. Both these types of packaging are more environmentally friendly than bottles and preserve a premium product just as well, if not better than glass.

The result CLEAN, PURE, FEEL-GOOD BEER: Real beer brewed with skill and passion, which is also alcohol-free.

Our trademark DON'T COMPROMISE. DRINK DIVINE says all you need to know.